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Owners of their sites
June 05th, 2018

We invite owners of own websites with attendance from 1000 per day to affiliate program.

Our conditions:
Premium for the whole period affiliate program.
FTP upload files.
You must have at least 2 - 3 sales per week.
Storing your files for the whole period affiliate program.
It is possible to provide an individual solution for the provision of disk space.

For all questions that concern you, please contact: [email protected]

June 05th, 2018

We opened affiliate program.

We offer:
55% from sales and recurring payments.
15% from site sales.
5% from the earnings of your referrals.
Premium all over affiliates.
Minimum amount for payout - $50.
Daily Payouts without any HOLD.

To activate your affiliate account, please contact us [email protected]